Anime Festival Asia just announcing yesterday that they’re making an survey thingy about something that you want to see in the next festival. of course its not just a survey, they also giving you guys a chance to win a S$300 for one person. all you have to do just fill their survey. the one winner of the S$300 Gift Voucher will be notified after this survey has closed. Survey closing date will be 25th February 2013 11:59pm Singapore time. click here to join the survey. 

“Anime Festival Asia 2013 Survey AFA Prides itself in bringing content that appeals to Japanese Pop Culture fans through out South East Asia! We’d like to hear from you to understand the latest trends and demands from our users and customers. We are giving away 1x S$300 Gift voucher (to one lucky winner), which you will be able to redeem concert tickets from the next AFA Event! Anyone can join this survey, so do spend 5 minutes to share with us who you would like to see in your city soon! Questions that do not have a red asterisk are optional. You only need to fill in the sections you wish to contribute your thoughts to. Thank you all for your support!”

By the way, if you havent heard a name ‘Anime Festival Asia’, heres a short description about them.
“Anime Festival Asia (AFA) is an anime convention that is organized by Sozo and Dentsu. It was first organized in 2008, during which singers Ichirou Mizuki and May’n were invited as the star highlights. It has since been held annually at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore. AFA achieved an overwhelming success with its debut in 2008 due to it being a first of its kind in Southeast Asia. AFA also holds an industry talk where prominent figures from the anime industry are invited to discuss the industry’s prospects, socialize and form unique partnerships to further develop the anime/manga scene.”

AFA also has already held the event on Indonesia and Malaysia last year and they will be coming to our town again this year.

Anime Festival Asia facebook page
Anime Festival Asia official website



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