The official site of ‘Akibaranger‘ announced that the show will be aired in japan on 6th April.

Dont know about Akibaranger? here’s a quick summary from me..
Akibaranger is a parody of the Super Sentai Series. Unlike the regular Super Sentai titles, which air on Sunday mornings on TV Asahi, Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger airs on late Friday nights on BS Asahi and is targeted to older audiences and not a show that to be watched for kids. Akibaranger firstly aired on April 2012 and ended on next couple of month.

Actual summary: Delivery man and Super Sentai fan Nobuo Akagi, martial artist Mitsuki Aoyagi and cosplayer Yumeria Moegi are recruited by cafe owner Hiroyo Hakase to become the Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger and protect Akihabara from the evil Malseena and the Stema Otsu Corporation, even though this is all nothing but a grand delusion. (ANN)

Official website Akibaranger

Source: ANN



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