For those who love playing otome games or watching an anime that has a romance story specially for girls audience, i got a great news for you girls.

According to Animate, an Otome games made by Idea FactoryDiabolik lovers‘ will be adapted to anime and still on work.

‘Diabolik lovers’ is an otome PSP game made by Idea Factory that has already released in japan since last year. its about a girls who often can sense supernatural thing around her. unfortunately, i cant find the download link of this game. so if you want to try out this game, you can buy it on Play-Asia. here the official site of ‘Diabolik Lovers’.

Story: Komori Yui is a normal high school girl, who often experiences supernatural phenomena. She moves to a school for celebrities “Reitei Academy”, which has a frightening rumor of vampires. Yui borrows a room in her relative’s house and begins to live with six handsome but sadistic boys. Later, she realizes they are not human…

Source: MAL 


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