Wonder festival quick preview part 3!
i think i’ll stick to Danny Choo wonfes post for awhile. again, i taken this picture from him.
this time, im gonna post a bunch of picture of Kotobukiya booth at Wonfes. enjoy!
oh, and for the ‘full preview’ post, i’ve still havent got the entire picture of Wonfes, so please wait and continue support our page 🙂

8464374586_69dc4557b2_o 8464376064_6d47fb8865_o 8464376188_0cd6e4d64f_o 8464376344_014529f6f1_o 8464376462_ae03d0ce62_o 8464376762_af2d8988a1_o 8464377320_2312374759_o 8464377528_30ab0ebe47_o 8464377740_57b5600032_o 8464377884_d99b294197_o 8464378004_1e0858e979_o 8464383928_4ea4461c7d_o 8463275293_48cdddc40b_o 8463276909_b6a11fcfac_o 8463276855_c286039775_o 8463276115_9735e72558_o 8463275969_2995c4408f_o 8463275825_78403768f2_o 8464384138_141d9d4b29_o 8464378284_696ffe2673_o 8464378576_1461991fab_o 8464378638_437e0a1c0b_o 8464379260_34370214e7_o 8463275141_d44c866154_o 8463274631_0c9414a246_o 8463274409_4bcca24e39_o 8463277969_c4c24d5d85_o 8463277653_fea97d7c1e_o 8463277483_06ba807f69_o 8463277269_d21f52423b_o 8463277131_9224a924f1_o 8463278503_24645c5e82_o 8463278679_4b19f155d5_o 8463278753_e1e3a068c2_o 8463279425_81ffa9d3d2_o 8463279573_813551d497_o



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