NIS. -America- just announced that theres an App of Hyperdimension Neptunia for your iOS smartphone. its a virtual character app like Mirai Suenaga app created by Danny Choo that you can play with it. its already available to buy it from Appstore. and yes, you can buy it Free, yet trial. for the full version, it cost for $4.99 for each character (currently, still Noire and neptune), $2.99 for each outfits and $1.99 for each voicepack. supported for OS 4.0 and later and not supported for Android.

here, another info about the content on the apps


  1. Press the touch button to make the character react and start speaking with you.img1img2

When you press the “Touch!” button on the bottom right of the screen, the characters will speak.

  1. Different date and time, their react when talks to you allso differ!
    Depending on the date and the time of day the app is used, the characters will say different things.
    When you hang out with them on your birthday, what will happen?

  2. by using the apps everyday, the “Like” meter of the character also increase!

If you use the app every day, the character’s affection will steadily increase.
(If you fail to use the app for even one day, the meter will revert to zero…these girls are unforgiving!)
There are three levels to the “Like” meter, and what the characters say will change when the “Touch!” button
is pressed based on the level.

  1. Alarms feature!
    When the time reaches the time set in the alarm, the character will say a phrase to get you moving.
    Just starting up the app will get the character to say a phrase.
    There is also a snooze feature.
    *There are 2 different voice sets based on the character’s “Like” level.

  2. Take a picture of you with your favorite character on Hyperdimension.
    With the camera, you can take a picture with a character.
    You can increase or decrease the size of the character, and move them around.
    You can upload pictures you have taken to Twitter.
    *The camera feature can only be used in the full version of the app.
    *In order to post pictures to Twitter, you will need to login to your Twitter account.


p>You can also visit their official Hyperdimension the Apps official website, just click on the title.



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