Today, i’ll just put some of the picture of figure’s that showed up on Wonder Festival 2013. the full preview post will come on further day.

wf2013w_q002 wf2013w_q003 wf2013w_q004

wf2013w_q005 wf2013w_q006 wf2013w_q007 wf2013w_q008 wf2013w_q009

wf2013w_q011 wf2013w_q012 wf2013w_q013 wf2013w_q014 wf2013w_q015wf2013w_q016 wf2013w_q017 wf2013w_q018 wf2013w_q019 wf2013w_q021wf2013w_q022 wf2013w_q023 wf2013w_q024 wf2013w_q025 wf2013w_q026wf2013w_q027 wf2013w_q028 wf2013w_q029 wf2013w_q030 wf2013w_q031wf2013w_q037 wf2013w_q038 wf2013w_q039 wf2013w_q040 wf2013w_q041wf2013w_q042 wf2013w_q043 wf2013w_q044 wf2013w_q046 wf2013w_q047wf2013w_q048 wf2013w_q049 wf2013w_q050 wf2013w_q051 wf2013w_q070wf2013w_q071 wf2013w_q072 wf2013w_q075 wf2013w_q076 wf2013w_q077wf2013w_q078 wf2013w_q079 wf2013w_q080 wf2013w_q081 wf2013w_q082wf2013w_q084 wf2013w_q085 wf2013w_q089 wf2013w_q090 wf2013w_q093



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