Banyak dari kalian yang sering mendengar nama “Danny Choo“, sang Japan pop culture guru. tapi bagaimana dengan orang-orang yang sudah bekerja dengan Danny Choo? Solomon Freeman, adalah orang yang berhasil meraih masa mudanya kembali. umu 16 tahun dia sudah mulai memperoleh penghasilan. umur 19 ia menjadi billioner berkat bekerja dalam perusahaan website. tidak lama setelah itu, ia bangkrut karena suatu hal. dan tidak lama juga, hidup dia tertolong oleh kedatangan Danny Choo.

Kemarin, Solomon Freeman diwawancarai oleh team koran local di malaysia. ia menceritakan hidupnya dari awal sampai ketemu Danny Choo. here’s the story (maaf jika kalian yang tidak mengerti bahasa inggris).

“Solomon Freeman – Reversal of life ; Young millionaire regain his youth.”

Solomon Freeman, the President of “NetWorth FX”, became a self-made millionaire by age 19. He had company branches set up in countries like Hong Kong and Belize. At 17 years old, he took the profound name “Freeman” as his middle name, marking his life’s pursuit to achieve financial freedom.
Currently at the age of 25, Solomon founded “NetWorth FX” when he was only 16 years old. The company had provided business consulting, events planning and management services for major clients of globally recognized brand names like Hasbro, Sony, United International Pictures and many other large corporations. At the same time, he is also a professional photographer, associate producer and spokesman for “Culture Japan”.

Being a fairly mature person even when he was young, the downfall he experienced in his business led him to re-engage with Japanese anime, which also brought back his lost youth.
Coming from a middle-class family, his father was a store manager of a FMCG company, while his mother underwent a degree in medicine during his childhood. As a result of his family’s tight financial restriction, Solomon was inspired to have a strong desire to become a free man.
When he was 15 years old, he became fascinated with mobile phones; he tends to replace them every two weeks, but through each trade-in, he lost a bit of money, thus initiated the idea for business by selling mobile phones. Solomon immediately put that idea into action and soon after became well-known for his trade in his campus.

“Mining opportunities at 16, sitting on millions at 19.”
“I started working part-time as a waiter in a hotel when I was 16 years old, earning a mere RM5 an hour. These earnings were used as capital for stock purchase. In addition to selling mobile phones, I later sold other electronic products and gadgets such as MP3 players, memory cards, and others. By having enough money to spend on the things I wanted, money naturally became my motivation.”

He did not deny that at the time, money was everything for him. He found a sense of presence in doing business. He did not took interest in any school activities, thus he did not associate himself well with other students.
Within the same year, he accidentally came across an advertisement on business seminar while reading the newspaper. Given the hope of equipping himself with more knowledge and to get acquainted with more business people, he decided to attend. “I borrowed a formal dress shirt from a teacher. It was oversized and hanging rather loosely on my body, but I went there anyway. In fact, nobody took notice that I was the youngest person to attend the seminar!”

After attending a few seminars, he learnt about network marketing, and soon after gained exposure to FOREX trading. Solomon thought at the time that conventional businesses had to be taken care of personally, while investment meant “making money with money”, thus it would grant him more personal time to enjoy his life.
“Who could be worse than a blind person, is the one who can see, but has no vision.”
At 19 years old, he was sitting on the company’s net worth of $2 million, but all were lost during the subprime mortgage crisis when his board members clandestinely traded the company funds without consent, subsequently causing the account to hit rock bottom and were frozen off.

“I never thought that I would fall. I was carefree with an abundance of money at that time. I even planned to get married at age 20 and have my own children by age 22 so I could give early education to prepare them to inherit my business empire in the future.”
Although he did not sign the relevant trading contract, Solomon was exempted from company liabilities. Because all his revenues in the company’s accounts had been liquidated, he ended up with nothing. “It was really miserable for me at the time. Financially, I was stripped of everything, and that experience left me with melancholia and lacunar amnesia.”
Having lived independently away from his parents for over 7 years, Solomon had nowhere else to go but to return to the care of his parents.

“At the time, my mother had opened her own clinic. I utilized part of the space to set up my home office and live there while she helped me undergo recuperation. In order not to rely entirely on my family, I operate a drop-shipping business of electronic items from China even though I was not in the mood.”
He spent 8 months to recuperate his mental health, during this time he re-engaged with Japanese anime.
“Watching anime made me laugh and cry, which greatly relieved my stress. It got me into cosplay as well.”
By chance, he was scouted by an event company which invited him to become a costume talent. As he developed interest in event management, he immediately took the initiative to work for the company, and not long after became that company’s associate partner.

Japanese anime had completely changed Solomon. One particular individual who affected him deeply is the world renowned Japanese pop culture guru Danny Choo.
“It can be said that Danny is my savior. When I was emotionally unstable and wanted to commit suicide, his life story reminded me of how he struggled to achieve business success without relying on his family’s financial aid. His high degree of motivation had me put off from the thought of giving up my own life.”
Today, he works closely with Danny Choo’s company “Mirai Inc” to promote Japanese culture to the world. They plan to push Culture Japan’s mascot “Mirai Suenaga” to a new height of global recognition by the middle of this year.

At an early age, Solomon has experienced the major ups and downs in life, standing up again after a steep downfall, and endowed with a detailed view of the world. Other than taking greater precaution and fail-safe measurements, he no longer view money as important, and has now gained many like-minded friends.
He said with a smile: “I’m now reclaiming my youth. Previously, I was too focused in pursuing my dream in making money that I forego my childhood and circle of friends.”

When he was 17, he chose to leave high school a year early without earning his diploma in order to pursue his ambitious dreams. He realized that what he learned in high school was not beneficial to his ambition of becoming a businessman. However, if young people were to consult him now whether they should also choose to leave high school early, his answer is: “Don’t rush, at least get your high school diploma first.”
“My father graduated from high school while my mother graduated from a university. I am the only child, and they naturally wish I could obtain highest education. When I made that firm decision, my mom cried.”
What made him regret about the decision was that, after being faced with bankruptcy, he couldn’t land on any job interview that he targeted, as his educational qualifications stated him as a high school non-graduate. Despite having abilities far more significant than any academic qualifications, he failed to secure the position he wanted in the job market.

“Currently, I would like to further my formal studies into obtaining a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA).”
Living life in reverse, Solomon first took a tour in the adult world, then went back to cherish the time he lost in his youth. More importantly, he believes that he became a better person through experience.

Source: Solomon Freeman



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